Monsanto Stamp Club

The regular meetings of the Monsanto Stamp Club are held in Room O-137 at 7:30 PM on either the 3rd or 2nd Tuesday of the month (see 2015 schedule).

Since you must be buzzed through the gates to enter the Monsanto campus and sign-in at the front desk, everyone congregates in the lobby and goes back to the meeting room together; donít be late.

The meeting consists of a business meeting followed by a high value auction and a floor auction. Remote bidders may send in their bids.

From time to time, there is a trading sesssion.

2015 Meeting Dates

January 27, 2015 February 24 March 24 April 28
May 26 June 23 July 28 August 25
September 22 October 27 November 17 * December 15 *

The Monsanto Stamp Club celebrates its 58th anniversary in 2015

For more information contact: Secretary