The Missouri Postal History Society held an organizational meeting at the St. Louis Stamp Expo in March, 1999. There are presently about 75 members in the Society.

“The purpose of the Missouri Postal History Society is to gather, study, preserve and disseminate infromation regarding the postal history of the state of Missouri from the pre-territoial era to the present.”

At present, the newsletter is expected is being published quarterly. The next semi-annual meeting will be at St Louis Stamp Expo on 23 March 2013 at which time there will be a joint meeting with the Illinois Postal History Society.

We are actively looking for researchers for specific topics. Some of these are:

  • Katy Trail post offices
  • Platte Purchase region
  • Southwestern Missouri
  • Bootheel area
  • Pneumatic Posts
  • Fancy Cancels
  • Doane Cancels
  • Specific Towns
  • Auxiliary Markings
  • Pre-Louisana Purchase
  • Central Missouri
  • Dead Post Offices
  • Streetcar Mails
  • Steamboat
  • Civil War
  • Precancels

For infomation, contact:

In Eastern Missouri

In Western Missouri

Gary Hendren
Scott Couch
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